Natural Safe Carpet Cleaners (Portland, Or)

What is natural carpet cleaning?

Green and Eco-friendly cleaning means using products and processes that are not dangerous to you, your kids or pets, or our environment.  Most green solutions are especially helpful for homes with animals, children, or those with allergies or asthma. Many commercial cleaning products can trigger allergies and asthma episodes, but more and more natural and safe products are becoming available that are safe for not only people but the planet as well.

We use Bio Kleen products which are all natural in our extraction units that are environmentally safe and safe for your household. It is safe with all washable fibers and gentle on hands and skin. The product we use has no harsh fumes, chlorine, solvents and other harsh ingredients like most other carpet cleaning chemicals.

Here are the ratings for Bio Kleen Fiber Glow Solution:

  • HMIS RATING: Health 1, Fire 0, Reactivity 0
  • SAFETY NOTICE: MSDS Available upon request
  • RECYCLING: Packaging recyclable.
  • PHYSICAL FORM: White powder. No brighteners or dyes.
  • ODOR: Light natural citrus. No synthetic fragrances or perfumes.
  • FOAM LEVEL: None-Low
  • pH RANGE: 7-8
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