Area Rug cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning (Wool Area Rugs) in Portland OR | Vancouver WA

Sunset Carpet Cleaning has been in the eco-friendly cleaning business since 2001, before it was quite so cool to be green! We have spent years researching the best non-toxic carpet cleaners for our customers in Vancouver Wa and the Portland Metro. Our system uses natural cleansers followed by a thorough rinse, resulting in spotless carpeting with zero lingering toxins.

Services Provided:

Area rug cleaning is similar to our process of carpet cleaning but the fiber of the area rug dictates on how and what is used to clean the area rug. Wool area rugs need special attention and should only be cleaned with a ph neutral based product and at lower temperature than normal. We are careful to know that the process we determine is based on what type of area rug we are cleaning.

One of the many services we offer is Area Rug Cleaning. Area rugs often garner lots of foot traffic and can require as much upkeep as wall-to-wall carpeting. Because rugs can be a hang-out spot for pets and small children, it’s crucial that they be cleaned with only the safest products. While many commercial cleaners leave chemical residue and an unpleasant odor, our citrus-based cleansers smell great and leave your rugs completely safe to touch and play on.

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