Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

Sunset Carpet Cleaning provides a variety of services for Portland Metro and Vancouver Wa customers, including professional Air Duct Cleaning. Our services will improve the air quality in your home or office, helping to ease allergies as well as cut down on energy costs. Sunset Carpet Cleaning has been offering eco-friendly cleaning solutions for home and business since 2001.

Service Provided:

We use a negative return feed system that is completely driven by negative air return through each vent in the house. The debris and dust is then captured into a self-containment unit at the vent and air is forced through a 2 inch hose that is pulled into a waste tank. We also clean and inspect filters and thoroughly blow out any dust and loose sediment inside HVAC unit.

Indoor air quality is commonly worse than outdoor air. Factors like smoking, pets, recent renovations and general cleanliness can all effect indoor air quality. Having your air ducts cleaned will instantly improve the air inside your home or office, and may even help with allergies and other respiratory problems. Increased air flow through ducts also means more efficient heating and cooling, cutting down on your energy bill year-round.

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