Green Carpet Cleaning

Green Carpet Cleaning in Portland OR | Vancouver WA

What is Green Cleaning?

It is a system used by carpet Sunset Carpet Cleaning and is a green or eco-friendly product that provides the best and most efficient use of natural resources (citrus and lemon extract typically) while trying to produce the least amount of negative effects on the environment and humans.

We use Bio Kleen products which are all natural in our extraction units that are environmentally safe and safe for your household. It is safe with all washable fibers and gentle on hands and skin. The product we use has no harsh fumes, chlorine, solvents and other harsh ingredients like most other carpet cleaning chemicals.

Here are the ratings for Bio Kleen Fiber Glow Solution:

  • HMIS RATING: Health 1, Fire 0, Reactivity 0
  • SAFETY NOTICE: MSDS Available upon request
  • RECYCLING: Packaging recyclable.
  • PHYSICAL FORM: White powder. No brighteners or dyes.
  • ODOR: Light natural citrus. No synthetic fragrances or perfumes.
  • FOAM LEVEL: None-Low
  • pH RANGE: 7-8
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