Stain Guide

Complete Guide for removing stains and spills:

Beer contents and stain: colorless to light yellow, slightly stiff. Contains: Hops, malts, alcohol, albumin, tannin

What to do on Beer spills and stains: (follow these steps)
  1. Apply detergent solution (NDS) and blot.
  2. Apply vinegar solution (ACID), blot frequently.
  3. Rinse with water, blot until dry. Blood contents and stain: reddish when fresh, dries to dark brown with irregular edge.

Contains: albumin, fat, fibrin, iron

What to do on Blood stains: (follow these steps)
  1. Apply cool detergent solution (NDS), blot.
  2. Apply cool ammonia solution (ADS), blot.
  3. Apply enzyme detergent (EDS, blot.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water, blot until dry.
  5. If stain remains, apply rust remover or oxalic acid solution.
  6. Bleaching with 3-5% hydrogen peroxide may be necessary

Butter & Margarine contents and stain: greasy, yellowish-red sometimes built up.

Contains: Vegetable dye, corn oil, milk, salt, preservatives, vegetable fats.

What to do on Butter stains: (follow these steps)
  1. Apply dry cleaning solvent
  2. Apply detergent solution (VDS) blot until dry
  3. Apply vinegar solution (ACID) blot
  4. Rinse with water, blot until dry.
Candle Wax contents and stain: stiff and built up.

Contains: petroleum animal fats and oils, vegetable fats and oils, basic dyes.

  1. Scrape off as much as possible with spatula or dull knife.
  2. Apply dry cleaning solution (VDS).
  3. Apply POG (NVDS)
  4. Apply dry cleaning solvent (VDS) blot.
  5. Alternate use a brown paper bag bat & iron. place bag over wax and iron on bag shifting until removed.
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